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Special Offers


Apex Beams In Stock

We currently hold approximately 200 pairs of Apex racking beams in our second hand stock, with dimensions of 2700mm & a max loading capacity of 2000kg. This racking is in great condition and would be perfect to add to your existing Apex pallet racking.  

Apex are a popular UK manufacturer and are just one of the well-known pallet racking brands Acorn Storage Equipment regularly hold in stock. 

Please do not hesitate to get in contact for this great offer!

Looking for pallet racking beams?

Second Hand Redirack Pallet Racking

Acorn Storage Equipment have a large range of Stow beams in stock ranging from 2300mm to 2700mm, with a maximum weight loading capacity of 2000kg to 2500kg. Ideal for extending or adding beam levels to your existing Stow system. These beams are stacked, strapped and ready for despatch; give us a call today for your quotation.​

We also have large quantities of Redirack beams available:

150 pairs beams 2650mm x 3000kg udl - 

180 pairs beams 2670mm x 400kg udl - 

Please get in touch for any additional information

 In need of some heavy duty shelving?

 Contact us to discuss our stock of second-hand Longspan shelving.
Robust, versatile and easy to install - our Longspan shelving is available in a variety of sizes completed with chipboard decking, including the systems pictured above at 2000mm high with 2800mm beams.   
Acorn currently stock a vast amount of Longspan beams. We have 135 pairs of beams 2100mm waiting and ready to be sold!


New timber decks in stock 

We currently hold large stocks of slatted timber decking to suit both 900mm and 1100mm deep pallet racking. Our decks are brand new and ideal for providing extra support to pallets and loose boxed items.

Please get in touch with your requirements and we’d be more than happy to provide a no-obligation quote.


Plastic clip-on leg guards 

Get in touch to discuss purchasing some plastic clip-on leg guards!

We currently hold large quantities of plastic clip-on leg guards which are recommended for safeguarding your uprights. They suit all shapes and sizes and with these you will always have peace of mind knowing that your pallet racking is protected.



If  you are not sure what pallet racking you have in your warehouse, then check out our identify your pallet racking article. 

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