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Esmena Beams & Frames In Stock

Racking beams and frames

We currently hold some Esmena beams with dimensions of 3305mm x 140mm box section - these would be ideal for extending existing systems or adding levels to your pallet racking.     If you currently have ESMENA in your current system and are looking for additional pallet positions, or potentially a re-configuration, we can help with this.  

Esmena have been around for 50 years and are just one of the well known pallet racking brands Acorn Storage Equipment regularly hold in stock. 


Looking for Redirack?

Second Hand Redirack Pallet Racking

Acorn Storage Equipment have the following redirack beams in stock all stacked, strapped ready to go today:

  • 225 pairs of 2655 x 110 Box Section beams
  • 200 pairs of 2672 x 50 Open Box beams
  • 18 pairs of 3905 x 130 Box Section beams
  • 10 pairs of 4105  x 130 Box Section beams

Huge range of sizes and makes available. Acorn Storage Equipment are the largest stock of quality used pallet racking and warehouse shelving in the South of England.

If you are not sure what pallet racking you have in your warehouse, then check out our identify your pallet racking article. 

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