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Keeping it Green at Gloucester Services

Tebay services

Gloucester services are the first and only family run service station in the UK.  

The group also operates several other businesses, having seen significant growth since it began 40 years ago as a modest 30 seat café on their original site, Tebay services, in Cumbria.

Located between junctions 11a and 12 on the M5, Gloucester services are home to a filling station,  farmshop, butchery, kitchen and a newly opened fishmonger.  

Gloucester services are dedicated to local food, farming and surrounding community, enabling them to build a business their locality can be proud of. The initiative from Gloucester services requires an exceptional back of house, and Acorn Storage Equipment was asked to supply the shelving for the project and was happy to oblige. 


Racking system design

Initially Neil Wood, Sales Director at Acorn storage, provided a site visit, where he carried out an inspection of the current set up and took measurements of the site.

Working in this way enables Acorn Storage Equipment to identify an effective layout and design of a system that not only maximises storage capacity but also considers business operations, creating a storage solution that suits each customer. ​

Neil provided Gloucester Services with a drawing (similar to the one pictured) of what the layout of each application would look like, which was several types of shelving in 3 different store rooms. 

The project involved various types of shelving, including chrome wire shelving in Gloucester services control room, along with a combination of Longspan  Shelving (pictured)and Open Steel Shelving in the retail store room making this a more versatile storage area.  There were a final set of runs of Longspan Shelving in the filling station store room, which has chipboard shelving.

All of this shelving was required at various heights and configurations to cater for the different products being stored on them and the fast turnaround and time related stock rotation, which an operation such as Gloucester Services required.

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