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Our Approach to Warehouse Safety

Date: Fri 11th December 2020

For us warehouse safety is a fundamental part of our consultation process with a client. We need to understand not only what products are going to be stored in their warehouse but also how they are going to be moved about, what their fastest moving products are, and what if any future projections they have for a change in their product line or inbound and outbound deliveries.

It’s also important for us to understand the numbers of people who will be employed and what their key roles and responsibilities will be. Once we have all the necessary information we can move to the planning stage. Here we ensure that not only is the space designed to work efficiently but will also be a safe environment for all those who work within it. This is carried through to the production of specifications where we can also provide fire safety details, working through a third party fire prevention specialist company, Lightning Fire Systems Ltd.

When it comes to installation, we ensure that the necessary signage is used to confirm what the safe loading is on the racking. Where necessary, safety protectors and corner guards are fitted to the base of the racking, clear line marking is used to improve the flow and separation of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, both inside and outside the warehouse. Netting systems are deployed to minimise the potential for falling objects by evenly spreading the load across the entire storage area.

Throughout the process we work with our clients to ensure that they are both aware of and meet the Health & Safety regulations and advise them of their responsibility to get their racking inspected regularly.

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