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The Brexit Effect

Date: Wed 23rd September 2020

It seems a long time ago since the country voted to leave the EU but here we are having officially left in January of 2020, and now we are fast approaching the date for the UK to embark on a new and exciting future.  So how has the process been for us and what is our outlook for what lies ahead?

While some companies have found the Brexit process a bit of a challenge, on the whole it has had no real impact on us. We are fortunate to work across a wide variety of market sectors and although we have noticed that some industries appear to have been affected adversely, others have seen considerable growth, so generally it has had a positive effect on our business.

The threat of the imposition of tariffs has been banded about, and this coupled with more checks at the ports might have a knock-on effect causing delays at the borders. However, we like to think that firstly tariffs will work both ways, both sides will want to limit them so as not to adversely effect both our trading partnership, and our respective economies.  As far as border delays are concerned, we’re sure that systems and management processes are being put in place to limit these to the absolute minimum. There may be a few bumps in the road, but we will iron them out.

Looking forward there is now clarity, we have left the EU and by the end of the year the arrangements will, one way or the other, be finalised. So we are all now in a position where we can plan for new opportunities, and whilst there may be some hurdles yet to test us, these will be overcome and those who rise to the challenge will thrive.


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