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Used Dexion Beams and Frames

Date: Thu 26th March 2015


For more than 60 years Dexion has been synonymous with pallet racking.  Once the most common brand of pallet racking used in warehouses throughout the UK, it is still widely available secondhand and at Acorn Storage we hold stocks of used Dexion beams and frames in a wide range of sizes.

Identifying Dexion Racking

The Dexion brand name is often used to describe pallet racking in general, in much the same way as ‘hoover’ is used instead of vacuum cleaners.  So if you are looking for used Dexion to add to your existing racking it is worth checking the slot pattern and locking pins to determine whether it is Dexion or another brand.

Dexion Speedlock

Dexion Speedlock Pallet Racking

Originally manufactured in the UK, Dexion Speedlock MK II and MK III were a popular choice for pallet storage.  Manufactured in imperial and more recently in metric sizes, standard frame depths included 36” and 42” and 900mm and 1100mm.

Unfortunately in May 2003 the original Dexion manufacturers went into liquidation.  At the time Dexion was so widely used that other manufacturers rushed in to create compatible systems to plug the gap left by their closure.  At Acorn Storage we often stock Dexion compatible systems as well as original Dexion Speedlock.

Dexion P90

Dexion P90 Pallet Racking

Post 2003, a new company took over the brand name and began manufacturing a new system called Dexion P90 beams and frames. These have a different slot pattern to Dexion Speedlock and are not compatible with earlier Dexion.


Standard sizes of second hand beams stocked include:

  • 2700mm
  • 2250mm
  • 3300mm
  • older imperial stock in 8ft 9” and 9ft.

Says Acorn Storage:

“With so many permutations of Dexion racking and Dexion-compatible racking it is worth getting expert advice from a company like us. Our team has extensive product knowledge, enabling us to specify the right racking for your requirements. And with the largest stocks of used racking in the South of England, we usually have something in stock that can meet your needs at a significant cost saving”.

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