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Working safely with COVID

Date: Fri 16th October 2020

2020 has certainly been a year of surprises. A worldwide pandemic has tested the resolve of all of us, as well as putting untold pressure on governments and emergency services everywhere. Having weathered the first wave in late spring/early summer, we are all now adapting to a new way of living and working. For a lot of businesses this has been a difficult transition especially in the hospitality and entertainment sectors, but for those businesses as well as the majority of office based companies, at least it is about containment within a single environment. For companies such as ourselves where we have an office, workshop and warehouse as well as visiting other businesses to conduct site visits and installations, it can get a bit more complicated.

So how do we go about it? Well as far as the office is concerned we work from home where it is appropriate, nowadays technology can allow for distance working and whilst it can still be a bit “clunky” it’s getting better all the time. The office itself has been reconfigured to allow for social distancing as well as ensuring there are adequate supplies of hand sanitising products.

Risk assessment has been undertaken for the office, workshop and warehouse, as well as the development of safe working practises to include for COVID 19 when we are at our clients premises. Our staff have been supplied with protective masks and where necessary gloves, as well as the provision of hand sanitizers.

All this ensures we keep our employees and customers safe whilst continuing to deliver the high quality products and services we always have.

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