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Our cost-effective, environmentally friendly and compact pallet racking is ideal for all Colchester cold storage facilities.

When storing cold goods, it is crucial to prioritise storage density. Thus, selecting the appropriate pallet racking solution becomes essential for consistently achieving successful results.

Here at Acorn Storage, we are experts in offering top-quality cold storage options for businesses in Colchester. Our pallet racking solutions are both dependable and efficient, and ensure optimal use of space while saving costs. We proudly serve the areas of Essex, Kent, and the South East, including Colchester. Our selection of cold storage pallet racking includes drive in, drive-through, and FIFO options.

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Reduce energy costs and conserve cold storage space

One of the main benefits of utilising cold storage racking is its ability to keep goods at a consistently low temperature. This not only maximises available space, but also significantly decreases energy expenses. By storing items in close proximity, you can optimise energy efficiency and ultimately save money on temperature control for your Colchester business.

Our high quality pallet racking options are carefully designed and fitted to prioritise space saving and energy efficiency. Regardless of your chosen racking type, it will effectively regulate temperatures in cold storage by reducing open spaces and aisles that can lead to heat loss. Additionally, it enables the compact storage of goods and products.

A variety of cold storage racking options available

We provide a variety of cold storage racking options to commercial and industrial business owners in Essex and the South East, specifically Colchester. Our extensive collection includes:

Entirely bespoke cold storage racking supplied across Colchester

For decades, we have been offering quality racking and storage solutions. Whatever your needs may be, we are committed to delivering a cost-effective, efficient, and dependable solution. Our skilled designers customise each installation to fit the unique needs of our Colchester clients. With a deep understanding of cold storage facilities, our experienced team will offer unbiased recommendations for the best racking system for your facility.

Our convenient location in the South East, near the M25, M20, and M2 motorways, allows us to provide your Colchester business with tailored racking solutions. Trust our expertise at Acorn Storage Equipment to fulfill any of your business's storage needs. Contact us now for a free survey and estimate from our experienced racking team.