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Used Racking Orpington

  If you are based in Orpington, or anywhere in Kent or the South East, and are looking for high quality used racking at very affordable prices, we have the solution.

We hold large stocks of a wide variety of used pallet racking, from many of the world's leading brands, including Hi-Lo, Link 51, Stow, Planned Storage, Apex and Dexion.

We can help; no matter if you are looking to purchase enough used pallet racking to fill an entire warehouse or factory, replace some damaged racking beams or frames or just wanting to build a couple of extra bays to increase your storage potential. Whatever your needs, speak to the used pallet racking experts here at Acorn Storage. No matter if you are based in Orpington or anywhere else in Kent or South East London, call our team today on 01634 296927.

Working throughout Kent and South East London, including Orpington, we typically help commercial and industrial customers with the following: 

  1. Replacement beams & frames
  2. Warehouse Fit outs 
  3. Additional bays of pallet racking 
  4. Additional levels to your existing system

Not sure what make your pallet racking is? Feel free to read our identify your racking article to find out! 

Why your Orpington business should consider used pallet racking

Simply by buying used pallet racking, you could save up to 40%! This will allow you to put these savings towards other important areas of your Orpington business. The majority of the time, when a business relocates, they will have new pallet racking installed in their warehouse and existing products will be placed on it; meaning that perfectly good racking will be left behind. This racking may still be reasonably new or able to carry its full intended weight still, so don't be put off by second hand pallet racking. It could even be a better system than you would buy elsewhere.

We've been selling used pallet racking for over 25 Years

From the moment you get in touch,  we'll treat your enquiry with the utmost respect. It doesn't matter if you have a large or small project, we'll recommend the ideal layout and racking specification to get the very best out of your installation. Along with providing impartial and honest advice on the best racking solution for your needs, we'll also look to save you money by utilising any existing warehouse racking where possible. We'll also offer you a full design, supply and installation service should you need it.  

Why buy used pallet racking from Acorn Storage Equipment?

  • Over 25 years' expertise in used pallet racking
  • All of our second hand and used pallet racking conforms to SEMA Codes of Practice.
  • Largest stocks of used racking in Orpington and the South of England.
  • All racking is fully quality checked and refurbished prior to dispatch

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