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Timber and Mesh Decking

As one of the UK's leading storage and shelving specialists, Acorn Storage Equipment has access to a wide variety of materials and equipment, including timber decking and mesh decking. Thanks to our close relationships with many of the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to bring these to you at very competitive and cost effective prices.

If you require high quality timber or mesh decking in your commercial or industrial property, call our expert storage and shelving team today on 01634 296927 and arrange your free property survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience.

Timber Decking and Chip Board

We supply chipboard and timber decking for pallet racking and shelving.  Chipboard comes in either 18mm and 25mm thickness depending on the weight tolerances required and lengths can be supplied to suit your application.

Our timber decking fits onto the beams of your pallet racking and can be configured to fit all types and sizes of pallet racking. The thickness of the timber depends on how much weight it needs to hold. Timber decking has a long working life and is suitable for a variety of applications.

There are two main types of timber decking;

Closed Boarded Timber Decking

Closed Boarded Timber Decking

Open Boarded Timber Decking

Open Boarded Timber Decks

Mesh decking

Mesh Decking is a versatile and cost effective way of making your pallet racking more flexible.  It involves mesh panels placed on the racking beams to help carry the load of the product. It’s flexible because it also enables the pallet racking system to hold smaller products.

Mesh Decking

Mesh Decking for Pallet Racking

Get all the commercial or industrial storage equipment you need from Acorn Storage Equipment in Kent; contact us today to arrange a quotation with one of our experienced team.

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