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Standard Pallet Sizes and Racking

Sometimes being the same makes life easier

Wooden Pallet

In the case of palletised goods, having a standard universally recognised pallet size means that calculating transport costs, organising your storage configuration and handling your goods is simplified.

At Acorn Storage Equipment we supply used pallet racking and new pallet racking systems – and one of the first questions we’ll ask is "What are you storing?" and in the case of palletised goods, whether your products are on standard UK pallets or Euro pallets.

Within the UK there are two commonly used pallet sizes as specified by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and the European Pallet Association (EPAL).

Euro pallets – 800 x 1200mm

In Europe the 800 x 1200mm Euro pallet is widely used in many industries and is also referred to as EUR or EUR 1.

UK Standard Pallet Sizes 1000 x 1200mm

In the UK we also use the UK standard pallet size of 1000mm wide x 1200mm in length. Based on the ISO system this is the ISO 2 pallet and is equivalent to the EUR 2.

Pallet Entry

Not only do we consider the dimensions of the pallets being stored, but also the pallet design. The most widely used pallet is a four-way entry pallet. As the name suggests a pallet truck is able to insert the forks into the pallet in four ways, meaning that the pallet can be stored with the narrow end facing the aisle or the widest end facing outwards. Two way, single entry pallets restrict the ways in which a pallet can be stored as it can only be manoeuvred into place by a forklift truck in one position.

Pallet Condition and Overhang

Another point to consider when specifying pallet racking is whether the pallets, will need any additional support on the racking beams in order to support pallets that are in poor condition or overloaded. And if your goods overhang the side of your pallet more space will be needed within the design for each pallet.

Frame Depths and Pallets Sizes

Once you have established if you have Euro pallets or UK Standard pallets and whether they are able to be stored in one or several ways, you are then ready to specify the frame depth.

  • Typically Euro pallets will suit an 1100mm or 700mm deep pallet racking frame. And UK standard pallets suit 900mm deep frames or 1100mm.
  • If you are storing a mixture of Euro and UK standard pallets, an 1100mm deep frame can accommodate both Euro and UK Standard four-way pallets.

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