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The Very Best Longspan Shelving in Ashford

If you want an alternative to pallet racking for your Ashford business premises. our longspan shelving is the perfect solution!

Longspan Shelving

The very best longspan shelving supplied to clients across Ashford

Offering incredible adaptability, superb load bearing capacity and storage density, our high quality longspan shelving is the ideal alternative to pallet racking and is an exceptional addition to any Ashford warehouse or storage facility. 

With a wide range of options in regards to size, load bearing capacity and design, our longspan shelving is available in an extensive range of different build materials. Long lasting, incredibly tough, providing ease of access and adaptable, our longspan shelving is ideal for any warehouses, retail store rooms or office archives across Kent and Ashford. 

A variety of longspan shelving options

Supplied to commercial, private and industrial clients across Kent, including Ashford, we have a multitude of longspan shelving and racking options available, including:

  • Steel,  timber or melamine panels
  • Adaptable frame types
  • Wide choice of sizes
  • Labels and other accessories
  • Single or two tier designs

In addition to the design and supply of our adaptable, high quality and functional longspan shelving, we also offer our clients extensive turnkey installations too, fitting out entire Ashford premises with high quality storage equipment, including pallet racking, providing a bespoke solution for all your needs. Installing everything from heating, power sockets, longspan shelving and lighting, our experienced and fully qualified team package all-in-one storage installations for clients across Ashford and Kent.  

Contact us today

Acorn Storage Equipment provide a vast range of new and used longspan shelving to commercial and industrial clients across Kent and Ashford; get the highest quality standards new or used from our experienced team; contact us today to arrange a quotation.

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