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Aylesford's Very Best Drive In Pallet Racking

Why not make optimal use of your Aylesford storage space with our specialist drive in pallet racking?

Do you need to store large quantities of products but you just don't have the space? With a simple and fast addition of drive in pallet racking, you can truly maximise the use of your available space in your storage facility or warehouse! Ideal for any industrial or commercial environments, especially cold stores, our drive in pallet racking makes storage quick and simple and give you complete control over storage and retrieval options in your Aylesford premises.

At Acorn Storage, we specialise in providing Aylesford businesses with space saving and highly effective drive in pallet racking for very competitive prices. So call us today on 01634 296927 to discuss your drive in pallet racking requirements and arrange your FREE property survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience. 

Utilise the space you've got with our drive in pallet racking

Supplied and installed across Aylesford by our dedicated and experienced team, our drive in pallet racking is suitable for when space is at a premium. One of the most optimal and effective ways of maximising your available storage space, drive in pallet racking makes the retrieval and loading of pallets easy and quick and prevents goods from becoming damaged too.

Quite simply, by eliminating lanes and aisles, our drive in pallet racking makes it easy and quick to maximise cubic space and enable more pallets to be stored per cubic metre than any other storage system on the market today. With stock rotation limited, this system is best suited for the storage of seasonal goods or bulk goods of the same type. 

Complete control over storage and retrieval operations

In addition to offering you and your Aylesford business maximum profitability of the storage space available, our drive in pallet racking will allow you total control over all storage and retrieval operations. There are two operating systems available; drive in and drive-through. The drive in system only has one access aisle and means that the first pallet deposited will be the last one to be extracted. Meanwhile, the drive through system allows for goods to be accessed from both sides of the pallet racking, meaning that the first pallet to be inserted is also the first to be extracted. 

Less risk of damaged goods

When products are stored, there is a risk of them becoming damaged. However, our drive in pallet racking will reduce this risk, thanks to the pallets being stored on cantilever rails that run throughout the racking system. Not only does this make the loading and retrieval of pallets quicker, easier and safer, it also means that each pallet is being correctly supported and therefore doesn't have other stock sitting directly on top of it.

Based in Rochester, Medway, we provide industrial and commercial clients from across Aylesford and Kent with the very best in drive in pallet racking. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and arrange your no obligation quotation at your convenience with one of our friendly and experienced team. 

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