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Basildon's Cold Storage Racking Specialists

Our affordable, space-saving and energy efficient pallet racking is ideal for any cold storage facilities in Basildon. 

When you're storing any cold goods or products, it is absolutely vital that you consider storage density. Therefore, it's incredibly important that you choose the most suitable pallet racking solution that delivers results every single time. 

At Acorn Storage, we specialise in providing cold storage facilities from across Basildon and Essex with the most space saving, reliable and cost effective pallet racking solutions. Working across Essex, Basildon and the South East, we supply and install a wide variety of cold storage pallet racking options; everything from FIFO racking and drive-through pallet racking to drive in racking.  

Speak to Basildon's pallet racking experts at Acorn Storage today; call us now on 01634 296927 to arrange your no obligation site visit and quotation at your convenience.

Reduce energy costs and conserve cold storage space

The biggest benefit of cold storage racking is that it keeps cold goods stored closely together, which ensures that all goods remain cold at all times. Not only is this a very effective and reliable space saver, it's also a very good way of reducing overall energy costs. By having goods stored so close together, you're optimising your energy efficiency and enabling your Basildon business to keep temperatures at a more affordable figure. 

Our high quality pallet racking solutions are all designed and fitted with space saving and energy efficiency in mind. So whatever type of racking you choose, it will help maintain the temperatures in cold storage by minimising open spaces and aisles that allow the cold to escape while at the same time enabling the dense storage of goods and products.   

A variety of cold storage racking options

Supplied and installed at commercial and industrial premises across Basildon, Essex and the South East, we have a wide variety of cold storage racking options available. Our full range includes:

  • Drive in racking
  • Drive through racking
  • FIFO pallet racking
  • Automated storage solutions ( for instance, pallet flow)
  • Pallet racking

Entirely bespoke cold storage racking

We have been supplying and installing racking and storage systems for decades; so regardless of what you need your new cold storage racking for, we will provide the most cost effective, reliable and efficient solution. We have talented and professional cold storage racking system designers who tailor bespoke installations around the needs of each Basildon client. Our experienced team fully understands and appreciates the requirements and demands of a cold storage facility and will provide impartial and honest advice on the  most suitable racking system for your facility.  

Based in the South East, close to the M2, M20 & M25 motorways, we are well positioned to supply you with cold storage racking that suits the needs of your Basildon business. Whatever requirements your business has, put it in the hands of the cold storage racking experts at Acorn Storage Equipment. ​ Contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our experienced racking team.

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