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Ideal Cold Storage Racking across Greenwich and London

Our cost effective, eco-friendly and spacious pallet racking is the ideal solution for any cold storage facility across Greenwich.

When storing cold goods or products, it is crucial to consider storage density. Therefore, selecting the ideal pallet racking solution is imperative for consistently achieving desired results.

Acorn Storage is your go-to choice for cold racking solutions that are cost-effective, reliable, and space-saving. Our services cater to commercial and industrial clients throughout Greenwich and the surrounding areas of London and the South East. Our expertise includes designing, supplying, and installing a variety of cold storage pallet racking options, such as drive-in, FIFO, and drive-through racking.

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Lower the energy costs and preserve cold storage space

Our cold storage racking offers a significant benefit and advantage by allowing for tightly packed storage of cold goods, ensuring consistent temperature maintenance. This practical space-saving solution not only guarantees reliability but also promotes reduced energy expenses. Maximising storage density in this manner optimises energy efficiency, providing Greenwich businesses with the opportunity to maintain affordable temperatures.

Our cold storage racking options prioritise space saving and energy efficiency. No matter which type you select, it will effectively maintain temperatures by minimising open spaces and maximising the storage capacity for goods and products.

A variety of cold storage racking options

We offer a comprehensive selection of cold storage racking solutions for commercial and industrial businesses in Greenwich and London. Our range of products includes:

Entirely bespoke cold storage racking

For decades, we have been providing storage and racking solutions to clients in Greenwich, London, and Kent. Our proven and cost-effective options are designed, supplied, and installed to meet your specific needs. Our expert team of designers ensures that each installation is tailored to the requirements of our clients in Greenwich or Greenwich. With experienced installers who understand the demands of a cold storage facility, we offer honest advice on the most suitable racking system for your needs. This is one of the reasons why we have maintained our position as an industry leader for so long.

Located in the South East, conveniently near the M2, M20 & M25 motorways, our location puts us in a prime position to provide your Greenwich business with the perfect racking solution. Entrust your business needs to the specialists at Acorn Storage Equipment for all of your cold storage racking needs. Contact us now to schedule a free survey and quotation from one of our knowledgeable team members.