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First Class Racking Inspections Across Croydon

Accurate, reliable and cost effective racking inspections across Croydon

Working across Croydon and London, we offer planned regular pallet racking inspection services to industrial clients and commercial companies throughout the South East. Large scale storage systems can potentially increase safety risks and concerns if not professionally installed and then maintained, meaning pallet racking inspections should be an essential part of your Croydon warehouse health and safety policy.

It's entirely possible for pallet racking to suffer faults or damage during installation or even suffer damage from a fork lift collision and as you are surely aware, it is your responsibility to make sure that all your racking is still safe and secure afterwards.  

Racking inspection team

As you would expect from one of Croydon and London's leading pallet racking companies, we always meet and exceed all SEMA inspection standards in our full checks. We'll ensure that all your industrial pallet racking is still fit for purpose. In addition, we will also advise on reparations or replacements where required too. 

Periodic racking checks and inspections are essential for you to comply with the PUWER 1998 regulations (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations). They should not be limited to six month periods if a collision with a vehicle or fork lift occurs or if damage is sustained from falling equipment or stock.

So arrange for one of our dedicated and experienced team to visit your Croydon premises and carry out a comprehensive pallet racking inspection by calling us today on 01634 296927. 

As one of Croydon and South London's leading suppliers and installers of both new and used pallet racking equipment, we are also able to provide any racking replacements quickly and for very affordable prices too; ensuring that your downtime and disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.  

Truly Independent Racking Inspections

Due to the busy nature of any South London or Croydon industrial environment or warehouse, pump trucks and fork lifts can unintentionally cause damage to pallet racking systems at any time. While most bangs and knocks may seem minor, they can sometimes have an additional accumulative effect on the structural integrity of the pallet racking system, especially if the racking has become overloaded. In order to maintain the safety of your staff and avoid potential damage to stock, pallet racking needs to be regularly monitored and inspected by a technically competent person.  

A safety inspection of your adjustable pallet racking is required under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Croydon racking inspection

Regular racking inspection also fulfils your obligations under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, alongside the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.

Following the undertaking of your pallet racking inspection, you will be given a comprehensive report.

This racking inspection document, provided to all Croydon clients, can be used as an audit to check the condition of equipment for health and safety purposes. 

By following the report's suggestions, you will be able to keep your pallet racking to a legally acceptable standard. For some companies, an annual racking inspection report given by a suitably qualified inspector will be required in order to comply with extensive insurance demands. 

Every single one of our racking inspections is carried out in accordance with the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Code of Practice. These can be carried out by an external racking inspector who is able to give an independent assessment of the racking. If repairs are still needed, Acorn Storage are able to supply used or new replacement items and offer a full repair service from our team of SIERS registered installers.  

We offer one off racking inspections or regular planned inspections as required. For costs and a visit from one of our inspectors to your Croydon premises, please contact us.

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