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FIFO Pallet Racking Dulwich

Live pallet racking (often referred to as FIFO pallet racking) is the perfect storage system for those with perishable goods.

Working across the Dulwich, Kent and South East area, we provide top quality FIFO pallet racking that is efficient, dependable and competitively priced. Our services include supply and installation by our experienced and friendly team.

We provide the perfect FIFO pallet racking solution for all your storage and pallet racking requirements, no matter the size of your premises in Dulwich. Our top systems ensure that you get the best. 

If you require top quality storage solutions for your perishable, temperature sensitive items, then our FIFO pallet racking solution is the perfect choice. Get in touch with our seasoned and helpful team today on 01634 296927 to explore your needs and organise a complimentary property survey and no cost quotation.

So what is good about FIFO pallet racking?

Sublime stock control and product rotation

Our FIFO pallet racking system is a reliable and efficient way of keeping perishable goods fresh. Inclined roller tracks allow precise product rotation, with pallets being loaded at the upper end of the storage channel, then gliding along rollers to where they are subsequently extracted from the lower end. It is commonly known as live pallet racking or gravity flow racking.

This dependable and superior system prevents any pallet storage and extraction activities from being duplicated, thus increasing the efficiency and productivity of your workplace in Dulwich.

Over 35 years' experience of FIFO pallet racking

If you're not sure what pallet racking is right for your Dulwich business, including FIFO pallet racking, our team of storage and racking professionals have the expertise and experience to provide you with honest and impartial advice. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, we'll find the most cost effective FIFO pallet racking solution. For bigger projects, we can even recommend the ideal specification and layout. As one of Kent and Dulwich's top pallet racking companies, we offer complete design, supply and installation services.

If you're based in Dulwich or anywhere else in Kent, don't hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest convenience. Our experienced and knowledgeable team are more than happy to help with any FIFO pallet racking requirements you may have. Contact us now.