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Eastbourne's Specialist Cantilever Racking

Acorn Storage takes pride in providing clients with dependable solutions for secure and organised storage of long and heavy loads at their Eastbourne location. Our expertise in cantilever racking ensures that our services are safe and reliable.

As the top supplier of cantilever racking in the South East, we proudly serve Sussex, Kent, and London, including Eastbourne. Our primary focus is providing superior cantilever racking from renowned manufacturers. Our pricing is both competitive and equitable, and our dedicated team ensures prompt installation. Our newest cantilever racking system simplifies the storage of bulky and weighty items effortlessly.

For those looking to store metal, scaffold poles, timber, or fence posts, we highly recommend considering cantilever racking. This specific type of racking is especially suitable for larger commercial or industrial areas in Eastbourne, Sussex, and the South East as it offers great efficiency and dependability. Its vertical frames and strategically positioned horizontal arms offer sturdy reinforcement for heavy items, making our cantilever racking a secure and economical choice.

Contact us now at 01634 296927 to connect with our friendly staff and obtain a complimentary estimate for your cantilever racking needs in Eastbourne. Be assured, we will work around your schedule for maximum convenience.

What will you get for your money?

Robust and incredibly strong cantilever racking

The cantilever racking we offer is top-of-the-line, made by industry leaders using hot-rolled structural steel to ensure unparalleled strength and durability. This storage option has gained popularity amongst businesses and warehouses in Sussex, Eastbourne, and the South East due to its exceptional longevity. Its unbeatable sturdiness makes it an affordable and practical choice for storing heavy and lengthy items.

With the use of cantilever racking, storage can be both efficient and secure;

Cantilever racking that's tailored around your needs

Our team specialises in designing cantilever racking that is tailored to your specific requirements and project demands. We operate in Sussex, Kent, and London, with a focus on Eastbourne. Additionally, we work closely with your chosen forklift truck supplier to seamlessly integrate their equipment with your new racking system. Our services also include conducting thorough structural evaluations to determine the most effective racks for supporting your designated loads and maximising your storage space across all areas of operation.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at your convenience. Our team of skilled cantilever racking experts is available to arrange a free assessment and offer you a non-obligatory quote.