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Petts Wood's Professional FIFO Pallet Racking Suppliers

For those with perishable goods, our FIFO pallet racking (also referred to as live pallet racking) is the perfect solution!

Serving clients in Petts Wood, London, and the South East, we specialise in providing industrial and commercial customers with top-quality FIFO pallet racking solutions that are reliable, space-efficient, and cost-effective.

Our top priority is providing the ideal FIFO pallet racking solution, tailored to your specific requirements and suitable for any size of Petts Wood premises. We handle both supply and installation of the finest storage and pallet racking systems available.

For exceptional storage solutions for your perishable items, our FIFO pallet racking is the answer. Contact our knowledgeable team today at 01634 296927 to chat about your needs and schedule a free property assessment and quote.

So what are the benefits of FIFO pallet racking?

Exceptional stock control and product rotation

Our FIFO pallet racking, also referred to as gravity flow racking or live pallet racking, provides precise product rotation. This system features inclined roller tracks and pallets inserted into the top of the storage channel, which then smoothly slide down at a controlled pace to the bottom where they can easily be retrieved. With its reliable reputation, our FIFO pallet racking and storage solution is an ideal choice for storing perishable goods.

In addition to its reliability and excellence, this system also prevents the need for pallet storage and extraction activities to overlap. This enhances productivity and efficiency in your workplace in Petts Wood.

Over 35 years of FIFO pallet racking experience

For Petts Wood businesses unsure about the right pallet racking, including FIFO options, we provide honest and impartial advice backed by 30+ years of storage and racking expertise. Whether your storage needs are big or small, we offer the most efficient and budget-friendly FIFO pallet racking solution. For larger projects, we can suggest suitable specifications and layouts as needed. As a top pallet racking provider in Petts Wood and London, we offer a full service of design, supply, and installation.

Whether your location is in Petts Wood or anywhere else in London, contact us now and let our expert team guide you through your FIFO pallet racking needs.