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Forest Hill's First Class New Pallet Racking Experts

If you're in Forest Hill and want good quality pallet racking for an attractive price, there's no better choice than Acorn Storage.

We offer a broad range of new pallet racking solutions, from some of the most renowned manufacturers in the business such as Apex, Stow, Hi-Lo, Link 51, Dexion and Planned Storage.

No matter the requirements, we are here to help. Whether you need a full pallet racking system for your factory or warehouse, a few extra storage bays for your commercial use or have to replace some frames or beams, our team has the answer. Located in Forest Hill, Kent and London? Call us now on 01634 296927 and let's get started.

We service commercial and industrial customers in the South East with a vast selection of new pallet racking solutions, including adjustable, FIFO, and double deep configurations. Our comprehensive collection includes:

  1. Drive In Pallet Racking Systems
  2. Double Deep Pallet Racking
  3. FIFO Pallet Racking Systems
  4. Adjustable Pallet Racking 
  5. Pallet Live Storage 

Not sure what make your pallet racking is? Feel free to read our identify your racking article to find out! 

Why your Forest Hill business needs new pallet racking

We offer a variety of pallet racking solutions to suit any purpose. Our selection is one of the most cost-efficient and dynamic products available, offering fast and effortless storage.

We've been selling new pallet racking for over 35 years

Do you need help finding the perfect system for your commercial or industrial business? We have decades of experience and can offer free, impartial advice. Our design, supply and installation service ensures you get the best from your Forest Hill workspace.